GENERICO.ruPoliticsRelations between Moscow and Minsk are developing steadily and reliably, Putin said

Relations between Moscow and Minsk are developing steadily and reliably, Putin said

MOSCOW, September 15 Relations between Russia and Belarus are developing steadily and reliably, contacts and consultations continue on relations and interaction, primarily in the economic sphere, said Russian President Vladimir Putin during negotiations with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.
“We continue contacts, consultations on our relations and Regarding interaction, of course, first of all, in the economic sphere, everything here is stable and developing reliably,” Putin said during negotiations with his Belarusian colleague.
Lukashenko flew to Russia the day before. As the Belarusian side reported, the main topics of the meeting will be the international agenda and regional issues, as well as joint tasks in the economy – in industry, agriculture and other sectors, and overall great work in the field of import substitution. The previous meeting between Putin and Lukashenko took place in July in St. Petersburg.

Putin then said that the joint plans of Russia and Belarus were being implemented at a better pace than expected. According to the Russian leader, trade turnover between the countries is growing and amounts to almost 44 billion dollars, and according to Belarusian data, including services, it is 45 billion.


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