GENERICO.ruAutoThe Belarusian Belgee X50 has arrived in the Russian Federation, and the original Geely Coolray is preparing for restyling

The Belarusian Belgee X50 has arrived in the Russian Federation, and the original Geely Coolray is preparing for restyling

The SUV may have changed its brand and name, but it is offered with the same technology as the original model. Three configurations are available to Russians, prices are lower than those of Coolray.

This year, the Belarusian Belgee plant (a joint venture between the government of a neighboring country and Geely) launched its own brand – Belgee. The first-born was the X50 crossover, that is, the “import-substituted” Geely Coolray of the 2018 model with a different emblem and nameplates. In its production homeland, the “fifty” officially started in August, and now such a cross has come to Russia. Our Belgee X50 sales are handled by the Russian division of Geely, and the original Coolray is still in service. However, the original Gili SUV, apparently, will soon leave the Russian market: it should be replaced by a restyled model, which may be supplied directly from China. But more on that below.

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So, Belgee X50 is available with the same technology as the original. We are talking about a 1.5 petrol turbo engine with a power of 150 hp. (255 Nm), which is combined with a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches. The drive is exclusively front-wheel drive.

The Belarusian crossover is offered in three trim levels – Active, Style and Prestige. The equipment is generally the same as that of the Coolrey, only the versions of the Geely model are called differently (Comfort, Luxury, Flagship), in addition, the donor SUV also has a fourth option (Flagship Sport), it is distinguished by a two-tone color, as well as an extended “carbon fiber” finish “and the presence of a “sports” spoiler.

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The Belgee X50 Active's arsenal includes: 17-inch wheels, LED running lights and fog lights, rear parking sensors, heated and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, heated windshield washer nozzles and windshield wiper rest zones, a pair of airbags, stability control system, heated front seats, digital tidy, multimedia system with a 10.25-inch touchscreen, air conditioning, rear view camera, cruise control.

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The Style version adds 18-inch wheels, a panoramic sunroof, a keyless entry system, single-zone climate control, a heated steering wheel and rear seats, and side airbags. The top-end Belgee X50 Prestige also includes LED headlights, red brake calipers, metal pedals, “sports” seats (the driver’s seat is electrically adjustable in six directions), all-round cameras, front parking sensors, curtain airbags, a parking attendant, and a blind spot monitoring system. and a regular DVR.

Belgee X50 Active was estimated at 2,235,990 rubles< /b>, the Style version will cost 2,345,990 rubles, the Prestige version price is 2,445,990 rubles. All prices for the Belgi SUV do not include promotions. For comparison, our current price list for Geely Coolray ranges from 2,329,990 to 2,739,990 rubles, while until the end of September, when purchasing a Coolray, there is a direct discount in the amount of 25,000 to 175,000 rubles (depending on the configuration; there are others special offers).

Image published on social networks of the Russian Geely office

Well, now let's move on to the future restyling of the original Geely SUV. A few days ago, the Russian office of the brand posted a post on its social media pages with a survey – which new model is most expected in the Russian Federation? Among the proposed options was Coolray, and the message was accompanied by a teaser of a restyled crossover. And if this image was not used only as an illustration, then, apparently, they are going to bring the Geely Coolray to us after the second modernization, that is, the 2022 model.


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