GENERICO.ruPolitics"Until it's not too late". The US said that NATO could send troops to Ukraine

“Until it's not too late”. The US said that NATO could send troops to Ukraine

MOSCOW, September 16. The North Atlantic Alliance may send troops to Ukraine due to a series of failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ex-CIA agent Ray McGovern said on the YouTube channel Judging Freedom.
“”Ukraine is suffering a serious defeat. The question is whether it will be resolved NATO will send its troops there before the complete defeat of Kiev,” he said.
According to the expert, this scenario is allowed in Washington. Another way to compensate for the failure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to the expert, is to give them ATACMS missiles capable of striking at a distance of 300 kilometers.

Ukrainian troops have been conducting a counter-offensive in the Yuzhnodonetsk, Artemovsk and Zaporozhye directions for four months now, throwing brigades into battle , trained by NATO and armed with foreign equipment. But, as Russian President Vladimir Putin noted, during this time they were unable to achieve any results. Western military experts especially note the effectiveness of Russian fortifications and minefields, due to which the Ukrainian army suffered serious losses.


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