GENERICO.ruCrimeA scheme for illegally transferring funds abroad was discovered in Moscow

A scheme for illegally transferring funds abroad was discovered in Moscow

MOSCOW, September 18 Police in Moscow stopped the activities of an organizing group whose members managed to illegally withdraw more than 1 million euros abroad, said Irina Volk, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.
According to preliminary data, the attackers provided to a commercial bank, which has the powers of a currency control agent, “false documents related to the execution of a foreign economic contract for the supply of consumer goods.”
“”The accomplices carried out currency transactions to transfer funds to the account of a non-resident of the Russian Federation. Over one million euros were transferred outside the country,” Volk said.
A criminal case has been opened regarding the commission of currency transactions involving the transfer of money in foreign or Russian currency to the accounts of non-residents of the Russian Federation using forged documents (Article 193.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The police, together with representatives of Sheremetyevo customs, conducted 13 searches. Two accomplices of the criminal scheme have been charged, and a preventive measure has been chosen against them in the form of a ban on certain actions.


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