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Electron rocket launch in New Zealand fails

< strong>MOSCOW, September 19The launch of the Electron launch vehicle with the Acadia remote sensing satellite ended in failure, reported the private American company Rocket Lab, which owns the rocket.
Previously, the launch of the rocket was repeatedly canceled due to technical problems, in particular, sensor readings were cited among the reasons.

“The launch director reported an anomaly, as a result of which the mission was terminated,” Rocket Lab said in a message on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

The malfunction occurred after the planned separation of the rocket's two stages, about 2.5 minutes after launch.
The launch took place as part of the We Will Never Desert You mission at a complex in New Zealand on Tuesday at 18.55 local time (9.55 Moscow time). Telemetry data from Rocket Lab, which the company provided during a livestream of the launch, showed that the speed of the rocket's upper stage began to decline shortly after its single engine was about to fire.
The ultra-light Electron rocket was created by the New Zealand subsidiary of the American company Rocket Lab. The parts of the Rutherford engines used in the rocket are printed on a 3D printer. Electron launches are carried out from the North Island of New Zealand.


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