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Iran will use assets unfrozen by the US to strengthen the national currency

MOSCOW, September 18 The Central Bank of Iran will send unfrozen ones as part of the exchange assets concluded with the United States to strengthen the national currency – the rial, the head of the Central Bank of the Republic, Mohammad Farzin, announced on Monday.
On Monday, an exchange of prisoners between Iran and the United States took place through the mediation of Qatar. Iran has released five American prisoners as part of a deal with the United States. According to a representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, only two former prisoners will return from the United States, the other two will remain in the United States at their request. He added that another prisoner would join his family in a third country. As part of the deal, Tehran will also have access to $6 billion in frozen assets for humanitarian use. As noted in Iran, the amount from unfrozen Iranian accounts in South Korea should be deposited into an account in a Qatari bank. The State Department later clarified that the unfrozen funds belonged to Iran, Tehran will be able to use them only for humanitarian purposes, and the United States will control where these funds go.
“Yesterday we received an official letter from the Qatari authorities that the accounts of six Iranian banks were activated in two Qatari banks and today they received an amount equivalent to 5 billion 573 million 492 thousand euros,” the IRIB agency quotes Farzin as saying.

He noted that the accounts belong to six Iranian banks – the Agricultural Bank, the Enterprise Bank, the Tourist Bank, as well as the Saman, Pasargad and Shahr banks. According to him, all payments will be made through Qatari brokers through the interbank payment system.

“All resources received are reserves of the central bank, they will be used to support and strengthen the Iranian currency – the rial,” Farzin emphasized.


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