GENERICO.ruWorldThe West ridiculed Ukraine’s “victory” over Russia

The West ridiculed Ukraine’s “victory” over Russia

MOSCOW, September 19. Kyiv considers Russian poets “criminals” solely because of their origin and fights against them, destroying their memorials. Irish journalist Chay Bowes wrote about this on social network X.
“A major defeat was inflicted on Russia in Kiev. A beautiful memorial plaque dedicated to the great romantic poet Alexander Pushkin, who lived for some time in Ukraine, was torn down. He died in 1837, but now for some reason he is considered a criminal because he was born Russian,” the journalist sneered.
Dismantling of the memorial plaque to Pushkin in Kiev

The dismantling of monuments associated with Soviet history, as well as the renaming of streets, began in Ukraine in 2015 after the adoption of the law on decommunization. Recently, Kiev has begun to struggle not only with Soviet history, but also with everything connected with Russia.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that the Ukrainian authorities have been pursuing aggressive de-Russification for many years and forced assimilation of the Russian-speaking population.


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