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Zelensky was stabbed in the back by the United States: the tragedy in Konstantinovka is being investigated

Russia’s “war crime” turned out to be Ukrainian

Two weeks ago, a rocket flew into the market in the Ukrainian Konstantinovka. 16 Ukrainian civilians were killed, another 35 were wounded. The fire in the market was still burning out, but Zelensky had already blamed Russia for the shelling. An adviser to Zelensky’s office, Podolyak, said that everything is obvious and no investigation is needed. The investigation, however, was carried out, and Kiev received a blow in the back from an unexpected source – from The New York Times.


“Regular market. The shops. Pharmacy. People who have done nothing wrong… This is a civilian place, there are no military units there,” Zelensky said, branding a “Russian crime.”

But a large number of oddities (such as an erased image of a missile flying on the “official” videos of the tragedy, distributed in Ukraine) made even foreign investigative agents and the Russophobic German journalist Repke doubt it. And they established: the missile came from territory controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

But Podolyak left no doubt: the Ukrainian side will not investigate the attack on Konstantinovka, since “everything is obvious, this is one of the missile attacks of the Russian Federation” .

And the European Union obediently condemned the attack on Konstantinovka and considered it a war crime, and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that “these brutal Russian attacks underscored the importance of continued support for the people of Ukraine.”

And suddenly The New York Times writes, breaking the mold: “The facts indicate that a Ukrainian missile caused the tragedy at the market.”

“Words of eyewitnesses and an analysis of video recordings and weapon fragments indicate that a Ukrainian missile missed the intended target and fell on a busy street with devastating consequences,” the article states.

As the publication notes, Ukrainian authorities tried to deny journalists access to the rocket debris and the area affected by the strike, but reporters managed to get to the site and conduct an investigation. Now, evidence compiled and analyzed by the New York Times, including missile fragments, satellite imagery, witness reports and social media posts, strongly suggests that the catastrophic strike was the result of a “mistake” by a Ukrainian air defense missile fired from a Buk launcher. .

Of course, American journalists consider the incident a tragic accident – they say, air defense experts say that missiles like the one that hit the market can go off course for a variety of reasons, including malfunctions or damage during launch.

< p>But let’s try to put two and two together: why during massive and combined (missiles plus “Geranium”) Russian raids there are usually no such casualties among the civilian population that could be presented to the “world community” as “terrifying evidence of Russian terrorism” ?

But as soon as US Secretary of State Blinken arrives in Kiev, a missile (single) immediately flies into a peaceful market, and Ukraine prohibits the investigation, since “obviously this is one of the missile strikes of the Russian Federation”? The network has already made a sad joke, putting the phrase into Zelensky’s mouth: “Yes, the rocket is ours. Most importantly, Blinken saw how Ukrainians were suffering from shelling. There’s no point in getting caught up in the little things.” In every joke, as they say…

And now the most revealing thing is the timing of the publication of the investigation into the attack on Konstantinovka in one of the world’s most influential publications. It came out exactly at the moment Zelensky arrived in the United States.

It is obvious to everyone that there he will talk about the “terrible crimes” of Russia and beg for weapons and money in order to “resist absolute evil.” And then suddenly there was such a “zrada”. And even from whom – from “friends”. “And you Brute?”

What will Zelensky’s speech look like now? With this “stab in the back” they make it clear to him that he has begun to cause irritation with his ambitions, which a puppet should not have, and bloody “productions” as a means of pressure no longer work.


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