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The source spoke about the date and place of the quadrilateral meeting on Karabakh

ANKARA, September 19 Specific information on the date and there is no meeting place for the leaders of Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, the issue is still at the proposal level, a source in the administration of the Turkish leader said.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on September 16 that he proposed to the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia Vladimir Putin, Ilham Aliyev and Nikol Pashinyan to hold a quadrilateral meeting on Karabakh.

“There is no specific information on the date or place of the meeting. So far, Mr. President’s proposal is at the level of a proposal,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

In April 2023, Azerbaijani border guards established a checkpoint on the border with Armenia – it appeared at the beginning of the road in the Lachin corridor that leads to Stepanakert. In December 2022, the same highway was blocked by Azerbaijani environmental activists – according to them, the action was an expression of protest against the illegal exploitation of mineral deposits in Karabakh.
The appearance of the checkpoint in Baku was explained by the illegal use of the road to Stepanakert by the Armenian side and security threats. Yerevan called the establishment of the checkpoint a gross violation of the trilateral statement of the leaders of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan in 2020, and also drew attention to the fact that blocking the Lachin corridor led to a humanitarian disaster in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Last year, Yerevan and Baku, through the mediation of Russia, the United States and the European Union, began discussing a future peace treaty. At the end of May this year, Pashinyan said that Yerevan is ready to recognize the sovereignty of Azerbaijan within Soviet borders, that is, together with Karabakh. As Aliyev said, Azerbaijan and Armenia could sign a peace treaty before the end of the year if Yerevan does not change its position.
In September 2023, Putin said that the Armenian leadership, in essence, recognized the sovereignty of Azerbaijan over Karabakh, the status of the region was determined by Yerevan itself.


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