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In Crimea, fuel fell in price by several rubles per liter

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SIMFEROPOL, October 14 In Crimea, gasoline and diesel fuel have fallen in price by several rubles, the correspondent reports.
Some gas stations of large companies in Simferopol have reduced prices. Thus, a liter of AI-95 gasoline costs 59.79 rubles, AI-92 – 55.79 rubles, diesel fuel – 66.79 rubles. Previously, these types of fuel were four to six rubles more expensive.
Ultra quality diesel fuel and gasoline with a higher octane number are also available for sale: 100 grade gasoline costs 74.79 rubles per liter, ultra diesel fuel costs 68.99 rubles.

The head of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, announced the upcoming price reduction on October 12. He explained that this was agreed upon with major oil traders. According to Aksenov, the maximum cost of diesel will be 66.80 rubles per liter, 95 gasoline – 59.80 rubles, 92 gasoline – 55.80 rubles.

In the last two months, the cost of diesel fuel in Crimea reached 72-76 rubles, gasoline AI 95 – 63-66 rubles per liter. This is significantly higher than at gas stations in the Krasnodar Territory – in some cases the difference was 10-15 rubles.

Last week, the authorities of Crimea and Sevastopol asked the government to help subsidize gas stations on the peninsula who had already purchased fuel at a high price in order to quickly reduce retail prices.


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