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Zelensky is depressed. Ukraine is in despair due to high losses

MOSCOW, Oct 30, Victor Zhdanov. In Kyiv they are increasingly talking about the need to tighten mobilization. The pace of replenishment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not keep pace with losses; there are no people left willing to join the army. What the Ukrainian authorities are counting on – in the material.
Forces exhaustedMember of the Committee on National Security and Defense of the Verkhovna Rada Sergei Rakhmanin said that mobilization in Ukraine will have to be intensified. “An additional need for resources will be needed due to losses in personnel in the form of dead and wounded,” the deputy said. Since the start of the counteroffensive alone, the country has lost 90 thousand killed and wounded.
Ukrainian military in the Donetsk region

After the change of regional military commissars, the pace of mobilization decreased significantly. According to Rakhmanin, in regions where the plan was previously fulfilled by 80-95%, now the figures are around ten percent. The politician sees the reason for the appointment of military officers as heads of territorial recruitment centers (TMC): they do not have time to understand the essence of the matter.

The company commander of the 80th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Vladislav Shevchuk, spoke to the Ukrainian media about the need for total conscription. “There are not enough people. We are running out of soldiers every day. “If someone thinks that they can sit deep in the rear, wait out the end of the war, and then come out and say that they helped the economic front by buying coffee and cigarettes, this will not work.” ,” the officer emphasized.
At the front, mass mobilization and a “tough approach” are expected from the new Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov. For example, Shevchuk sees nothing wrong either in the conscription of women or in the lawless capture of citizens on the street. “It doesn’t bother me when I lose my people,” he admitted.
There are more draft dodgers. Ukrainian law enforcement officers are investigating about eight thousand cases of draft evasion. The real number is even higher. Umerov’s deputy, Natalia Kalmykova, is confident that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are creating conditions for themselves to avoid mobilization. According to her, new laws are already being prepared to combat this phenomenon.
Rustem Umerov

For example, the Ministry of Education will decide whether it is advisable for men fit for military service to receive a second higher education – after all, this gives a deferment from conscription. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov believes that the number of potential conscripts aged 40-50 who decided to enroll in a university after the announcement of mobilization has increased many times over.

Meanwhile, draft dodgers are finding new ways. In order not to go to the front, they are even ready to die. True, only legally. For example, for ten thousand dollars you can buy a death certificate. Sellers promise to issue an official document with “postings across all bases.” If necessary, they offer to organize a false funeral.
Depressive decisionsUkrainian lawyer Vladimir Krekoten reported that potential conscripts who did not come to the military registration and enlistment office are now having their bank cards blocked, even if the person did not receive a summons. The military commissar adopts a resolution to impose administrative liability for “failure to appear,” and then the banks freeze the accounts. In addition, the Ministry of Defense announced a bill for new accounting in the TCC. If a person is not on the register of persons liable for military service, the state will still be able to find him. “It’s better to come yourself, find the unit you want to serve in, and mobilize,” Kalmykova explained.
Conscripts into the Ukrainian army at one of the recruiting stations in Kiev

Also, at the request of the military, the Rada adopted a law that lowers the initial draft age from 28 to 25 years. However, Zelensky still has not signed it – without any explanation. According to deputy Rakhmanin, there may be several reasons for this. “For one person to fight, ten others must work in the rear. Unfortunately, we now have a fairly serious shortage of qualified personnel,” the politician said. Also, according to him, a sad demographic situation has developed in Ukraine.

Military expert Yuri Knutov believes that decisions on mobilization were caused by urgent need.
“They had nowhere to go. They tried to conduct an offensive in several directions at once: Zaporozhye, Yuzhnodonetsk, Artemovsk and Kherson. Now the Russian troops are moving forward. To put pressure on our positions, we need people, but there is nowhere to get them. Reinforcements are constantly needed, women and disabled people are already being called up,” says Knutov in an interview with .
Military doctors place the bodies of killed Ukrainian soldiers in plastic bags

Kiev found itself in a difficult situation. “There is no way without external assistance, but it is now being provided to Israel,” the expert explains. “Now they will take people wherever possible.” Whether this will work out is a big question. They want to send to the front those who have fired a machine gun several times in their lives and spent a week in training camp. At the same time, many are over 45 years old.”

If mobilization could have been carried out in Kiev as planned, the result would have been completely different, believes Denis Denisov, an expert at the Financial University under the Russian government.
Meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

“Judging by the decisions of the Ukrainian authorities, the tools and resources for a new mobilization wave, which could affect the dynamics of the Northern Military District, have ended in Ukraine. It seems that the actions of some officials were dictated not by sound logic and expediency, but by severe depression: the bosses demand a result that no one can achieve. All this is out of despair,” the political scientist notes.
According to Denisov, Zelensky and his entourage imagine themselves to be Napoleons. The President's Office is confident that active work in the information space will be enough to achieve goals. However, nothing is working out, so there will be even more desperate actions by the Kyiv regime.


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