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Britain's word of the year

MOSCOW, November 1. The British English dictionary Collins Dictionary recognized “AI” (artificial intelligence) as the word of the year, according to the publisher’s website.
“If computers have suddenly become experts in the most human of domains – language, then what next? This has led to heated debate, research and forecasting, and more than enough justification for Collins to choose “AI” in 2023.” word of the year,” the text says.

Collins Dictionary defines AI as “the simulation of human mental functions using computer programs.” “Considered the next great technological revolution, AI is booming and has been the talk of the town in 2023,” the publisher writes.

The first global summit on artificial intelligence will take place in the UK on November 1-2. The summit will be attended by representatives of governments from different countries, leading companies and experts in the field of AI. Previously, the British government expressed fears that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies would soon advance so much that they would allow the creation of weapons of mass destruction or would go beyond human control. In this regard, the summit will discuss the risks of using AI with malicious intent to design biological weapons or carry out cyber attacks.

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