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UK conference participants admit AI 'poses a risk'

MOSCOW, 1 Nov. Countries taking part in a conference on artificial intelligence in the UK have reached an agreement to understand the opportunities and risks associated with artificial intelligence technologies, according to the report. statement published on the British government website.
“Today, Wednesday 1 November 2023, leading AI countries invited by the UK, including the US and China, as well as the European Union, reached an agreement at Bletchley Park establishing a common understanding of the opportunities and risks posed by advanced AI, and the need for governments working together to solve the most important problems,” the text says.

Countries that supported the declaration include Brazil, India, Ireland, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, France and Japan.

The declaration calls for strengthening international scientific cooperation in identifying the risks and opportunities of AI. In addition, countries intend to adapt policies to potential threats from AI, creating tools to combat abuse of AI technology. Thus, it is planned to increase the transparency of the development of advanced AI, use testing tools, and create evaluation mechanisms.
The first global conference on artificial intelligence is taking place in the UK on November 1-2. The event is attended by representatives of governments from different countries, leading companies and experts in the field of AI. Previously, the British government expressed fears that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies would soon advance so much that they would allow the creation of weapons of mass destruction or would go beyond human control. In this regard, the conference will discuss the risks of using AI with malicious intent to construct biological weapons or carry out cyber attacks.


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