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“He fell for it.” The US named the reason for Zelensky’s refusal to negotiate

MOSCOW, Nov. 2. Western countries and Ukrainian nationalistsforced President Vladimir Zelensky to abandon negotiations with Russiasaid retired US Marine Corps Captain Matthew Ho in an interview with the YouTube channel Judging Freedom .

"He was popularly elected on peaceful terms. He says that he will go to peace talks with Vladimir Putin, that they will solve problems diplomatically, and discuss the conflict in eastern Ukraine. As soon as he takes office – and this has been widely reported – the ultra-right, the ultra-nationalists, the neo-Nazis grab him and say: “See that tree over there? This is where you will hang if you make peace,” says the expert.

According to him, not only nationalists in his own country put pressure on the Ukrainian politician, but also representatives of Western states, convincing him refuse any peace agreements with the Kremlin.

"And he fell for it. He agreed with everything. And now he is plunging his people even further into this obviously lost war,” Ho concluded.

Russia has more than once expressed its readiness for negotiations, but the Kiev authorities have introduced a ban on them at the legislative level. The Kremlin also noted that now there are no prerequisites for the situation to transition to a peaceful direction, while achieving the goals of the special operation remains an absolute priority for Moscow. According to Vladimir Putin, Russia has never refused dialogue, but the other side must say directly about its readiness for it.


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