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“Russians laugh.” The US complained about the shocking behavior of Ukraine

MOSCOW, Nov 2 Western financial aid is being stolen en masse in Ukraine because of the knowledge that the country would lose in a conflict with Russia, writes columnist Monica Showalter in an article for American Thinker.

"The sad thing is that the officials stealing this money must understand that military action lost and Ukraine will not win in the end. The army has been destroyed, and Ukrainians are rushing to the European Union to emigrate. Since officials steal everything, they bet that Russia will win, and if so, then they “make nest eggs” in places such as Cyprus, Monaco and Switzerland,” the material says.

The journalist pointed out that Ukrainian politicians are trying to line their pockets as soon as possible with money from Western financial assistance, while there is still money this is the time to make it easy to escape from the country itself.

“The Russians must be laughing as they continue to advance, steadily moving towards victory in the conflict,” Showalter concluded.

On October 30, the Time newspaper, citing advisers to Vladimir Zelensky, wrote that in Ukraine officials “steal like there is no tomorrow.”

Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly pointed out the catastrophic level of corruption in Kiev. According to him, it corroded Ukrainian statehood, as a result of which the radicals took advantage of people’s just discontent, rode the protest and, with the support of the West, brought the Maidan to a coup in 2014.


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