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Russian car market in October: Haval overtook Chery, Lada's share decreased

Based on the results of the first ten months of 2023, the Russian market for new passenger cars recorded an increase of 60%. A total of 829.5 thousand units were registered from January to October.

A report with October sales figures for new passenger cars in the Russian Federation was published today by Autostat: the agency uses data on state registration of new vehicles in the country, and not information about dealer shipments. Let us recall that this approach allows us to take into account not only the cars actually sold by dealers, but also those that were imported into Russia under the parallel import scheme (it was legalized in 2022). Last month, 112,238 new cars were registered, which is 2.6 times more compared to the result of October of the previous year (43,304 units).

In the photo: Lada Vesta and Vesta SW Cross

Judging by the agency’s calculations, the October figure is only 1.7% more than in September of this year. At the same time, there are no newcomers either in the list of the most popular brands or in the top ten best-selling models, although some representatives had to change their position.

Place BrandSales in October 2023, pcs. Sales in October 2022, pcs. Difference, %1Lada34 46417 113+ 101.42Haval12 8234316+ 197.13Chery10 8593838+ 182.94Geely10 3602483+ 317.25Changan 6386220+ 2802.76Omoda4777–7Exeed44191163+ 280.08Kia25832738 – 5.79Toyota21641085+ 99.410Jetour1902–

The list of popular automobile brands in the Russian Federation is still headed by Lada, which last month sold almost 34.5 thousand cars and showed an increase of more than 100%. Despite this, the brand’s market share has decreased: for example, at the end of October this year it is 30.7%, while a month earlier it was 31.7%, and a year earlier (in October 2022) the figure was 39.5%. . It is curious that the share decreased over the year despite the return of one of the brand’s bestsellers, the Lada Vesta, which last month retained its second place in the model rating. By the way, the Vesta Sportline sedan version went on sale today; a similar station wagon will follow later.

In the photo: Haval Jolion

All currently produced Ladas have found a place in the TOP 10 popular cars in the Russian Federation. The state-owned Granta is still at the top of the list, with the combined share of sedans, liftbacks and station wagons amounting to 16.5%. The fourth line of the rating is occupied by the Niva Travel SUV (market share – 4.1%), the “classic” all-terrain vehicle Niva Legend is in fifth (share – 3.8%). What will be the results of the X-Cross 5 crossover (this is a badge-engineering pre-reform “Chinese” FAW Bestune T77) and the relaunched Largus, we will probably find out next year.

Haval became the most popular foreign brand in the Russian Federation in October, displacing the former leader, Chery, down one line. The share of the current leader in the Russian market is 11.4%, and Chery’s figure was 9.7%. Further, the October list of brands completely repeats the September one: Geely is in fourth place (share – 9.2%), and Changan (5.7%) closes the top five. The second five, as in September, are Omoda (share – 4.3%), Exeed (3.9%), Kia (2.3%), Toyota (1.9%) and the recently joined Jetour (1.7 %).

PlaceModelSales in October 2023, units Sales in October 2022, units Difference, %1Lada Granta18 49310 978+ 68.52Lada Vesta69811296+ 438.73Haval Jolion62703049+ 105.64Lada Niva Travel45752229+ 105.25L ada Niva Legend42291926+ 119.66Omoda C53780–7Chery Tiggo 4 Pro3712262+1316.88Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max3708–9Geely Monjaro3477–10Geely Coolray30351394+ 117.7

In the TOP 10 most popular cars in the Russian Federation, as we have already noted, all the “faces” are also familiar. Haval Jolion retains third place, Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max moved from fifth to eighth, Chery Tiggo 4 Pro moved to seventh. The Omoda C5 crossover also moved up one floor – now on the sixth floor. The new product of the previous month – Geely Monjaro – also moved up a line, displacing its “neighbor” Coolray to tenth place.

Judging by the statistics provided by Autostat, the first ten months of 2023 in the Russian market 829,548 units of new passenger cars were sold, which is 60.1% more than in the same period last year.


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