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Tata announced premium sub-brand Avinya on the new Land Rover platform

Avinya is a line of premium electric vehicles that Tata Motors will begin bringing to the market after 2025, they will be based on the EMA platform, developed by the British company JLR for the junior models of the next generation Land Rover.

Indian Tata Motors is the parent company of the British company JLR (formerly Jaguar Land Rover) and maintains joint financial statements with it. Tata Motors is part of the Tata Group, a group of industrial companies and related financial and technology companies. In turn, the Tata Group is part of Tata Sons, which unites different groups of companies, including those operating in the services sector, real estate and the agricultural sector.

Tata Motors has a subsidiary, TPEM (Tata Passenger Electric Mobility), responsible for the development of new generation electric vehicles, and today TPEM and JLR announced a partnership to quickly launch the Indian electric vehicle sub-brand Avinya, the name of which means “innovation” in ancient Indian. For now, this partnership has the status of a memorandum of understanding, but since we are talking about a deal within Tata Motors, it is unlikely that anything will prevent the memorandum from turning into a real deal.

Let us remember that in the current Tata model range there are already crossovers using the Land Rover platform – Harrier and Safari, but these are purely “hydrocarbon” models, while the Avinya line will only include electric vehicles. The name Avinya is not new, under it Tata presented last spring the concept of a single-volume electric vehicle, photographs of which we present here.

Tata Avinya Concept 2022 1/4 Tata Avinya Concept 2022 2/4 2022 Tata Avinya Concept 3/4 2022 Tata Avinya Concept 4/4

It's unclear whether the debut or one of the upcoming Avinya models will resemble the 2022 concept. It is also unknown for sure whether Avinya will be a sub-brand within Tata or a separate brand with its own logo and its own dealer network. In the press release, Avinya is presented as a “series of premium electric vehicles,” that is, most likely, it is a sub-brand, so for now we will classify it as such, and then we will see.

2022 Tata Avinya Concept 1/3 Tata Avinya Concept 2022 2/3 Tata Avinya Concept 2022 3/3

The EMA (Electrified Modular Architecture) electric vehicle platform, which Avinya will receive as part of a licensing agreement with JLR, was initially developed for new Jaguar models, but at the instigation of former JLR CEO Thierry Bollore, it was sent to Land Rover, and Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover will be built on it Next generation Velar and Discovery Sport. The batteries for them will be supplied by the Tata Sons Agratas Gigafactory in the English county of Somerset; it should be operational in 2026, with a design capacity of 40 GWh.

According to the British magazine Autocar, the EMA platform will also based on the small Defender. Let's remember that this year Land Rover was divided into three separate brands – Range Rover, Defender and Discovery. For new Jaguar models, its own JEA (Jaguar Electrified Architecture) platform is being developed.

The EMA platform has an 800-volt architecture and allows the battery to be charged at a power of 350 kW; the range on one charge of electric vehicles built at EMA will be at least 500 km. Avinya electric vehicles and key components for them will be manufactured in India and for India, that is, the launch of this sub-brand will not affect JLR's own plans in any way. There are no plans to introduce Avinya to the European market yet, but Avinya electric vehicles may well appear in other emerging markets.


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