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Gryzlov called on Warsaw to move to cooperation with Moscow and Minsk

MINSK, Nov 4. Russian Ambassador to Minsk Boris Gryzlov said that the time has come for Poland to “overcome delusions of grandeur” and move on to constructive interaction with Russia and Belarus.
“For Poland, now is the time to finally overcome delusions of grandeur, break out of the vicious circle and move on to pragmatic and constructive interaction with its neighbors – including Russia and Belarus. It is in cooperation with the countries of Greater Eurasia that today lies colossal potential for growth and development,” it says in Gryzlov’s commentary, distributed by the press service of the Russian Embassy in Belarus.
But for this, according to him, Warsaw needs to understand and accept a simple truth: it is useless to try to talk with Moscow and Minsk in the language of threats and ultimatums.

The ambassador recalled that on November 4, Russia celebrates a national holiday – National Unity Day, established in memory of the events of 1612, when the people's militia led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky liberated Moscow from Polish invaders. The army convened in Nizhny Novgorod consisted of representatives of various classes, religions and nationalities; townspeople, peasants, Cossacks and nobles rose up to defend the Motherland with equal zeal.

“With the expulsion of the Poles from the Kremlin, the long period of the Time of Troubles in Russia ended. And although more than four centuries separate us from the events of that time, the greatness of the people’s feat does not fade. And to this day it is for us a model of heroism and unity of the entire people – regardless of from origin, religion and position in society. The memory of the events of 1612, passed down through generations, admonishes us to defend our Motherland, carefully preserve peace and harmony between all ethnic groups and faiths. Our strength lies in the originality, uniqueness and diversity of all the peoples of Russia,” the statement says. comments.

“In the most difficult time, when the country was literally on the verge of losing sovereignty, our ancestors put an end to civil strife, rallied and defended their native land. Poland, which considered itself by far the strongest European power of that era, retreated in disgrace, but “, obviously, never learned the lesson. Polish politicians and elites have been parasitizing on national feelings for centuries, unable to offer their citizens a creative agenda. It is their strategic mistakes and miscalculations that the Polish people suffer every time,” Gryzlov noted.
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