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Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast on October 27

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Russia continues its special operation in Ukraine. Day 610. The new Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Johnson, called on the White House to account for the funds spent on Ukraine. An infrastructure facility was damaged at night in southern Ukraine. The day before, military correspondent Kotenok reported on the advance of Russian units in the Avdeevka area.

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Events, comments, economics

The possibility of Ukraine joining NATO at this stage is excluded, she said Head of NATO Nuclear Policy Directorate Jessica Cox.

Elon Musk was surprised by the information about the persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. On the social network X (formerly Twitter), he commented on the episode of Tucker Carlson's program. The journalist talked about the persecution of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. He actually accused the American authorities of supporting Kyiv, which “throws priests into prison.”

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky received a double blow from his European allies, having learned of Slovakia and Hungary’s refusal to supply weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Journalists from Newsweek write about this.

Currently, Ukraine is perishing as a state, and the United States is to blame for this with its desire to expand NATO, said American economist and professor at Columbia University Jeffrey Sachs.

The first deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, came to a meeting of the organization’s Security Council with documentary evidence of the use of Western ammunition by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack civilian targets. He showed his colleagues the fragments of shells and his colleagues.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that today at about 19.00 air defense forces destroyed a Ukrainian drone over the territory of the Kursk region.

The Ukrainian publication Trukha published the words of its informed source, who called the attempt on Oleg Tsarev a “special operation of the SBU”, noting that the politician “has been on the list for liquidation for a long time.”

A powerful explosion occurred on Friday in Kiev-controlled Kherson, said the head of the Kherson city military administration, Roman Mrochko, appointed by the Ukrainian authorities.

Slovakia is ready to continue humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, but is opposed to sending weapons, Prime Minister Robert of the Republic said on Friday Fico.

Colonel General Afzalov has become the new commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces, reports the website of the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Russian FSB reported the initiation of a criminal case after the assassination attempt on Oleg Tsarev in Yalta.

Following the October summit, EU leaders instructed the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, to discuss future security guarantees for Ukraine with Kiev and report on the results at the EU summit in December, according to the final document of the summit.

The court in Kiev on Friday granted the prosecutor’s request and extended the arrest of businessman Igor Kolomoisky (included in the Russian register of terrorists and extremists) with the possibility of posting a bail of almost 3.9 billion hryvnia (about 105 million dollars)

Now explosions are reported in the Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine.

An explosion occurred in the Nikolaev region, Ukrainian media reported. At the same time, earlier in the Kirovograd, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk, Cherkassy and Poltava regions of Ukraine, as well as in the Kiev-controlled parts of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, an air raid warning was announced.

Russia is doing everything possible to rescue civilians illegally sentenced to prison. Ukraine on various counts, but the large exchange fund formed in the Russian Federation is not in demand by Kiev, said the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a report for October 27:

– The Russian Armed Forces repelled 45 attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Krasnolimansk direction over the past week, the enemy lost more than 1,020 military personnel and 37 pieces of equipment;

– From 1 October 2010, fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Air Defense destroyed 31 aircraft and 3 helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

– During the week, 54 Ukrainian military from six brigades voluntarily surrendered;

– The Russian Armed Forces occupied more than advantageous frontiers and positions in the Kupyansk direction;

– Nine attacks were repelled in a week in the Donetsk direction, the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces exceeded 2055 military personnel;

– The Russian Armed Forces repelled 47 counterattacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in a week in the Kupyansk direction;

– Russian air defense destroyed 208 in a week Ukrainian drones;

– Over the past week, the Russian Armed Forces conducted an active defense in the Zaporozhye direction, during which they repelled 19 attacks by Ukrainian Armed Forces attack aircraft;

– Over the week, the Russian Armed Forces carried out 19 strikes on locations storage of unmanned boats, military airfield infrastructure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces;

– Within a week, the Russian Armed Forces destroyed up to 485 Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kherson direction;

– During the week, Russian troops improved the situation along the front line in the Yuzhnodonetsk direction;

– Losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kupyansk direction for week amounted to over 705 military personnel;

– The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost over 435 military personnel and 15 tanks in the Zaporozhye direction in a week;

– The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost more than 885 military personnel in a week in the Yuzhnodonetsk direction;

– Over the course of a week, Russian air defense intercepted 19 HIMARS MLRS shells, 4 Hurricanes, 2 ATACMS missiles, 2 Neptunes, 8 JDAMs, as well as an S-200 missile.

Expert Rostislav Ishchenko spoke about the emerging signs of collapse The Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ex-Rada deputy Oleg Tsarev is in serious condition after an assassination attempt, law enforcement officers are working, DPR head Denis Pushilin told RIA Novosti.

Dmitry Peskov said that there is no one in the Kremlin information about the assassination attempt on Oleg Tsarev.

The administrator of Tsarev’s channel spoke about the politician’s great blood loss after the assassination attempt.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched three missile strikes from HIMARS on the village of Sladkovodnoye, Zaporozhye region, the House of Culture was destroyed, private houses were partially damaged, Balitsky reported.

Ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev was shot at, his condition is very serious, Rogov reported .

The Akhmat special forces UAV school trains pilots from various units of the Russian Armed Forces for both FPV drones and reconnaissance quadcopters of the Mavic type directly in the special operation zone, a school instructor with the call sign “Curator” told RIA Novosti.

Poland sent its specialists to Ukraine who are engaged in the repair of military equipment, the RAR agency reports, specifying that they are working near the front line.

Orban said that the EU needs a Plan B for Ukraine, since the current European strategy is failed in this direction.

Vladimir Rogov said that in the Zaporozhye region the Armed Forces of Ukraine were faced with the problem of a lack of fresh reserves.

Defense News reports that the Slovenian company C-Astral secretly transferred reconnaissance drones to Ukraine . In particular, we are talking about several tactical drones Bramor C4EYE.

Hungary rejected amendments to the EU budget regarding assistance to Ukraine, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS Russian Federation) have adopted a new serial Mi-26T2V helicopter, which is considered the most massive transport helicopter in the world.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces made three attempts to attack the Kursk nuclear power plant with drones, SHOT and Baza report.


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