GENERICO.ruSportDrozd hopes that the shooting situation will not ruin the life of boxer Ivanov

Drozd hopes that the shooting situation will not ruin the life of boxer Ivanov

MOSCOW, November 6, Vasily Bogdanov. Former world champion in version of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Grigory Drozd, in a conversation with, expressed the hope that European champion Nikita Ivanov will draw the right conclusions from the shooting incident in which he found himself at the center.
On Sunday evening, 37-year-old Ivanov was detained near a restaurant in the center of Moscow. He started a fight and then opened fire with an air pistol. The prosecutor's office reported four victims. A criminal case of hooliganism has been opened against the boxer.
“”Nikita and I are comrades, although we haven’t communicated closely. We always see each other at tournaments, fights, we keep in touch. What can I say, the news is unpleasant. First of all, I’m very glad that everyone is alive and well. If only the guy whom he hit, fell and hit his head, we would now be speaking in a different tone. Nikita is a young guy, he has a family, he works as a coach, he has a good environment. Apparently, the alcohol took its toll. I hope that all the victims recover, and for Nikita, the situation was resolved, the punishment was objective, without excesses. Otherwise, now they suddenly want to punish him exemplary, since he is a famous athlete. I don’t want his life to be ruined because of this,” Drozd said.

“”He did the wrong thing, but I still support him. I will not turn away from him, like all his friends and relatives. Anyone can succumb to the moment, make a mistake. Let him draw the right conclusions and reconsider the situation. Strength him and wisdom,” added the agency’s interlocutor.


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