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Kostomarov told what he lost due to illness

MOSCOW, November 6, Svetlana Bonopartova. Olympic champion in dancing on ice Roman Kostomarov, as part of the educational marathon “Knowledge. First”, said that he was happy to drive a car.
In mid-October, Kostomarov published a video on his Telegram channel where he was driving a car on a training motorcycle track. Along with him in the car was his wife Oksana Domnina, who filmed the video.
“To be honest, it was my idea. I lost a lot of things that I did before the illness occurred. I drove a motorcycle, did extreme sports, loved playing tennis, hockey. It gave me great pleasure. I had a favorite business – figure skating, shows. We are still in demand people, even though we are of advanced age. I lost my motorcycle, I won’t be able to drive it. But I have a chance to drive a car. I tried it in a parking lot. I thought I wouldn’t feel the pedals, but no “, my legs feel everything, my hands feel the steering wheel. I was happy that I could drive a car,” Kostomarov said.
“My emotions are visible in this video. I said: “Yes, I did it.” This is a small overcoming and victory. I never thought that I would face such a situation in life. Somewhere I hit a corner, I thought it was the end light. And now, returning to that time, I think what nonsense it was. Because of what little things we get upset and depressed – we don’t need to do this. We need to value our life, love our loved ones and do what we love. For me victory now is driving, swimming, albeit slowly. But I can do it. I come to the gym, attach hooks to my arms to lift weights. And if you don’t do this, then there is no point. I lay in bed for six months. This is a terrible feeling. I don’t want to think about it, I want to live and enjoy,” added Kostomarov.

Kostomarov was admitted to intensive care with pneumonia on January 10 and spent 175 days in the clinic. Due to the necrosis that developed, he underwent several amputations of his arms and legs. It was reported that part of his brain was damaged, bleeding occurred and a hematoma formed. Later, he published videos of training after prosthetics. In August, Kostomarov went on the ice in public for the first time since his illness. The athlete appeared before the audience at the end of the number with the participation of Domnina during the gala show by Ilya Averbukh “Letters of Love” in Sochi.


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