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Russia needs to show its achievements, Peskov said

MOSCOW, Nov 4. Russia needs to show itself and our achievements, we ourselves do not always know about them within the country, press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov told reporters.
“”We need to show ourselves, show our achievements so that we ourselves know about them. We do not always know about their achievements,” Peskov said.
Peskov noted that the importance of the exhibition-forum “Russia” is difficult to overestimate, and that it is “the reincarnation of the VDNKh idea, only in a new, modern, effective and non-hardened form.” He said that making this reincarnation is a brilliant idea.

“I sincerely hope that most of the exhibition will one way or another remain here for a long time and will be constantly, dynamically updated,” Peskov added.

The international exhibition and forum “Russia” at VDNKh opened on November 4 and will last until April 12, 2024. It is attended by 89 regions, 22 federal executive bodies (ministries, as well as the Federal Agency for State Reserves), 20 companies, corporations and public organizations, a total of 131 expositions.


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