GENERICO.ruScienceThe Earth was covered by a strong magnetic storm

The Earth was covered by a strong magnetic storm

MOSCOW, November 6. A strong magnetic storm occurred on Earth, says the website of the Institute of Applied Geophysics (IPG).
““In the second half of the day on November 5, a magnetic storm was registered,” the message says.
The degree of magnetic disturbance Over the past 24 hours, the Earth's field has reached level G3, which on a five-point scale means a strong degree, while G5 is an extreme level, and G1 is weak, according to data from the IPG portal on space weather.

At the same time Already on Monday, scientists promise a weakly disturbed magnetic field.

On Monday night, the northern lights could be observed in several Russian regions due to a powerful flare on the Sun.

Northern Lights – a natural optical phenomenon in which the upper layer of the atmosphere glows due to the interaction of the planet’s magnetosphere with charged particles of sunlight.


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