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CBT is studying the possibility of identifying users by retina

MOSCOW, November 9The Center for Biometric Technologies is studying the possibility of identifying users by various types of biometrics – modalities, among them – recognition by fingerprints, retina, and pattern of veins on the palms, Vladislav Povolotsky, General Director of the Center for Biometric Technologies (CBT) JSC, told reporters at the forum. Finopolis.
“”We are now conducting a large-scale study. We involve consultants, use analytics, conduct interviews with market participants regarding the possibility of mass use of other modalities. Fingerprints are of particular interest – as the most common type, but problematic from the point of view of mass use. We are promising including considering the pattern of palm veins, which can be used in non-contact services, as well as the retina of the eye,” Povolotsky said.
CBT, together with partners, is also studying the possibility of identifying users by gait. “What we definitely don’t consider is everything related to different types of genomic information,” he added.

The CEO of the Central Bank said that from the beginning of 2024 a working group will begin to operate with the participation of vendors, technology developers, and companies that use biometric services. It is planned that by September a list of new modalities will be compiled.

“Based on the results of this work, we, together with all interested parties, will form a roadmap for new modalities. We must not only approve new modalities, we must be fully prepared for collection, use and, most importantly, for a seamless transition of client services,” Povolotsky added.

Currently, the Unified Biometric System uses two modalities – voice and facial image.
From June 1, the law came into force, according to which biometric personal data will now be processed only within the Unified Biometric System. Banks and other organizations that store biometrics had until September 30, 2023 to transfer this data. A person can refuse to register biometrics through the MFC if he does not plan to use such technology in the future.


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