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The festival “RT.Doc: Time of Heroes” will be held in Volgograd

MOSCOW, November 7The first international documentary film festival “RT.Doc: Time of Heroes” will be held in Volgograd from November 24 to 26, viewers will see 15 documentaries about the heroes of the special operation and will be able to meet the authors of the films, the press reported. festival service.
“Volgograd will become the venue for the first international documentary film festival “RT.Doc: Time of Heroes”. The festival will be held from November 24 to 26 at the Volgograd State Theater “Tsaritsyn Opera”. Viewers will see 15 documentaries about the heroes of a special military operation and will be able to meet the authors films and take part in the business program,” the message says.

It is specified that the festival will open with the premiere of the film “Our Shores” by RT documentary filmmaker Klim Poplavsky. The film is dedicated to the 126th Special Guards Coast Guard Brigade and was filmed in the most difficult conditions – in a water area that was under fire.

For the first time, the program “RT.Doc: Time of Heroes,” the message notes, will include a film by military correspondent Alexander Sladkov “Through the Eyes of a Reporter. The Battle for Mariupol.” The film tells about the battle for the city in the spring of 2022. The documentary is based on exclusive video footage of Sladkov. The military correspondent was in the advanced units that liberated the city block by block.
According to the festival's press service, several premiere screenings will also take place. Director Artyom Somov and author Ruslan Gusarov made the documentary “I Want Silence.” It is about how the trauma of war affected everyone in Donbass. The heroes of the film sat in basements for a long time, some had relatives die before their eyes, others lost their homes. The premiere film “Donbass. Memory of Generations” directed by Ekaterina Kitatseva and author Dmitry Khrustalev draws parallels between the Northern Military District and the Great Patriotic War.

The festival will feature the work of local documentary filmmakers – the film of the special correspondent of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Volgograd-TRV” Artyom Yamshchikov “After the Fog”. The Volgograd Vesti team filmed stories of residents of new regions and showed how their lives changed after joining Russia. The festival will close with Anna Chapman's new film “The US Military-Industrial Complex. Business on Blood.” The film answers the questions why Washington is so interested in the war in Ukraine and what the US elite is ready to do to ensure that the armed conflict continues.

As part of the business program, meetings with documentary authors, directors and film characters are planned. There will be a discussion “War and Faith. How the Bible helps to understand what is happening” with the online participation of Boris Korchevnikov and a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Volgograd. There will also be a round table “Life after: rehabilitation of military and military veterans of the Northern Military District,” in which social service employees and special operation veterans will take part.
The organizers remind you that attendance at all events is free with pre-registration on the website


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