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Miscanthus loves a mild climate, but Primorye is also suitable, the scientist said

VLADIVOSTOK, Nov 7 The agricultural crop miscanthus prefers a mild climate and loose neutral soils, but if certain conditions are met, it can also be grown in Primorye, said Olga Ivleva, a teacher at the Institute of Land Management and Agricultural Technologies of the Primorsky State Agricultural Technological University.
Earlier on Tuesday, the Institute of Cytology and Genetics (ICG SB RAS) reported that scientific organizations are introducing a new exotic crop into Russian agriculture – miscanthus. According to the Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS, one hectare of plantations of this plant can produce an average of up to 4 tons of cellulose. It is technologically much more difficult to obtain the same amount from wood and, accordingly, more expensive. The institute also said that the task is to create a large line of varieties based on the miscanthus variety “Soranovsky”, adapted to different climatic conditions and different purposes for further processing.

“We have been cultivating miscanthus for three years, planting material was sent to us from Kaliningrad. It is propagated vegetatively – by rhizomes. For three years we have been cultivating the variety “Kamis”. In Primorskoye in the region it can be grown, but there are some difficulties,” Ivleva said.

According to her, the coastal climate is different from the climate in Kaliningrad. “The weather conditions there are more favorable: in the fall there is a gradual decrease in temperature. In Primorye in the fall it can be minus 7 at night and plus 17 during the day. Miscanthus does not like such temperature changes. In Primorye there are heavy acidic soils. Miscanthus has a preference for looser and more neutral soils. On neutral In soil, it can reach a height of 3 meters. In Primorye, it reached 2.5 meters,” noted the agency’s interlocutor.
She also clarified that this crop has its advantages: miscanthus is practically not damaged by diseases and insect pests. “This is due to the structure of the leaf, it is hard. Insects prefer the softer structure of the leaves. And it is difficult for diseases to penetrate inside,” the interlocutor explained.

Ivleva noted that for successful cultivation of miscanthus in Primorye, a large supply of planting material and planting machines are needed. In addition, in the first year of cultivation, the plantings suffer from infestation with weeds, so it is necessary to use chemical methods of protection.

“In general, this crop has not yet been sufficiently studied. In the Primorsky Territory, except for the university, no one has studied it. Here it is necessary either to introduce wild-growing Primorye miscanthus into the culture, or to test different varieties – and there are not many of them. This is the basis for further study,” added Ivleva.
Miscanthus is a genus of perennial (lifespan up to 30 years), herbaceous plants found in the wild in Australia, Asia and Africa. In Russia, in the south of the Primorsky Territory, the species of Chinese miscanthus (Miscanthus sinensis) grows, also common in China, Korea and Japan.


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