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The British were hit by the supply of depleted uranium shells to Kyiv

The content of uranium microparticles has increased over Albion

Britain received a “reward” for supplying tank shells with depleted uranium to Ukraine. According to physical chemist and scientific secretary of the European Radiation Risk Committee, Dr. Christopher Busby, the amount of uranium particles in the air in the south-east of England has increased. They got there with air masses that were driven from western Ukraine, where warehouses with uranium ammunition were blown up. As they say, we ran into what we fought for.

The content of uranium microparticles has increased over Albion

This story began in March of this year. Then British Deputy Defense Minister Annabelle Goldie said that London would transfer ammunition with depleted uranium to Ukraine: “Along with providing a squadron… of Challenger-2 battle tanks to Ukraine, we will supply ammunition, including armor-piercing shells that contain depleted uranium.”< /p>

This decision by London caused a wave of indignation even among NATO allies. In response, the British Ministry of Defense stated: Britain is not responsible for the use of depleted uranium shells supplied to Ukraine, does not monitor their use and is not responsible for the consequences.

Although indirectly, I had to answer. According to Dr Busby, the amount of uranium particles inhaled by Britons is not large, and such a dose can have serious harmful effects on the health of victims and their descendants.

At the same time, according to him, infection rates in Poland, Germany and everywhere along the route of air masses from Ukraine to England is much higher.

Previously, Military Watch Magazine warned the British and the entire Alliance about the danger of supplying uranium shells to Ukraine. Depleted uranium is one of the heaviest chemical elements. It is obtained from low-level radioactive waste. In shells, depleted uranium is used for greater penetration.

The harmful consequences of the use of such shells in Iraq and Yugoslavia are well known. Thus, after the Gulf War, the commander of the British Royal Navy, Robert Greene, reported “an inexplicable surge in cancer and congenital genetic deformities among Iraqis … near the battlefields.” A UN commission in May 1999 came to a similar conclusion.

Yugoslav scientists after the 1999 war, when NATO also used uranium ammunition, noted that these shells not only kill, but contaminate the environment and cause cancer in residents on these lands of people.

Uranium shells are included in the ammunition load of American Abrams tanks, German Leopard-2 and British Challenger-2. In addition, such shells are used in the guns of American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, which are supplied in large quantities to Ukraine.

Warehouses with uranium ammunition came under attack by the Russian Aerospace Forces in May 2023. This happened in the Khmelnitsky region. There, too, a surge in the content of uranium microparticles was noted after the explosion of large Ukrainian Armed Forces warehouses.

In September, the attack was repeated. Spectacular footage of the detonation of ammunition appeared on social networks. A little later, in Lublin, Poland, a sharp jump in radiation in the air was recorded – an increase in bismuth levels by 6-7 times. It is a decay product of depleted uranium.


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