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Everything is over. The media revealed what the West has prepared for Zelensky

MOSCOW, November 11. Western countries will remove Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky from power due to the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the inability to win the conflict with Russia, writes former Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense Stephen Bryan in an article for Asia Times.

&quot “Either Zelensky will be forced to hold presidential elections scheduled for March next year, and then he will be replaced, or, if he resists, he will still be removed as a result of a revolution similar to the Maidan,” the material says.

< br>According to the expert, the West is beginning to realize that Ukraine will no longer be able to win an armed conflict: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering defeat after defeat, and the expensive Western equipment supplied is being burned by the Russian military.

The best outcome for the United States and Ukraine itself , the specialist pointed out, there will be negotiations with Russia, otherwise Kiev will face an inevitable military collapse.

“If Congress drags its feet or if the administration agrees to a much smaller amount, then Zelensky will be finished. Washington may conclude that this is the only way out. But Zelensky is not going to leave voluntarily, so the problem of how to force him to resign remains unresolved,” Brian concluded.

Russia has repeatedly indicated that it is ready for negotiations, but the Kiev authorities have introduced a ban at the legislative level on them. The Kremlin also drew attention to the fact that there are currently no prerequisites for the situation in Ukraine to transition to a peaceful course, and achieving the goals of the special operation is an absolute priority for Moscow.

In mid-June, President Vladimir Putin again emphasized that Russia has never abandoned conducting negotiations that could lead to a resolution of the Ukrainian crisis.


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