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Five more areas. The US revealed how the borders of Ukraine will change

MOSCOW, November 12. Russia may liberate five more regions in Ukraine as a result of a special military operation, former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter said in an interview with journalist Danny Haiphong.

"We are talking about extending the special military operation until 2025, on building up the Russian armed forces so that they have enough resources to carry out the task of liberating five more regions. Now we are starting to see the end goal. This final stage sounds like this: “If you want to continue this conflict, then we will continue it, and when it ends, five more regions will no longer be part of Ukraine,” the expert said.

According to him, the Ukrainian leadership still has time to end the conflict with diplomacy before the borders change and another government is appointed.

Western media are increasingly writing that the United States and the European Union have begun to tire of the Ukrainian conflict , and support for the Zelensky regime is weakening. According to NBC, American and European officials are already discussing with Kiev the possible consequences of peace negotiations with Russia, including the general outlines of what Ukraine may have to give up in order to reach an agreement.


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