GENERICO.ruCultureA Russian singer who fled to Armenia asked for money for a return ticket

A Russian singer who fled to Armenia asked for money for a return ticket

MOSCOW, November 13. Singer Charlotte (real name Eduard Charlotte), who left Russia and burned his Russian passport, decided to return home and asked on his Instagram page* for money for a return ticket.

"I am returning to Russia. “I’m going to my home, to my native country,” the performer said. I will need a small amount of money, literally enough for a ticket.”

The musician added, that when he returns to Russia, he plans to record a new album. And before that, live some time somewhere in nature.

Not all users were happy about the potential return of the performer. The majority wrote that they would not be happy to see the artist in Russia.

"Don’t come back, please, the country has really become better without you.” It's time to grow up. Stop coyly grimacing into your phone and start weighing everything that comes out of your mouth.” “Why should we spend money on a ticket? “Go on foot,” subscribers said.

In June, Eduard Charlotte posted footage of him burning his passport. The artist stated that he no longer considers himself a citizen of Russia and will go to Kyiv.
* The activities of Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) are prohibited in Russia as extremist.


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