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The State Duma Committee approved an increase in some budget expenses

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MOSCOW, November 11. The State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes supported the joint amendments of the United Russia, LDPR and New People factions to the draft federal budget for 2024 -2026 on increasing expenses in certain areas by 138.6 billion rubles due to the redistribution of funds.
The amendments, in particular, propose in 2024 to increase spending by 3.3 billion rubles on the creation of a long-term care system for elderly citizens and people with disabilities, and by 68.8 million rubles on subsidies to publishing houses, editorial offices of print media and publishing organizations for people with disabilities. by sight.
An additional 3 billion rubles for 2024 are allocated for schoolchildren in grades 8-11 and students of technical schools and colleges to take a two-year course in programming languages, 1.5 billion – to support projects for the creation or development of engineering development centers on the basis of universities and scientific organizations, 3 billion – to support the export of agricultural and food products.

For 2024-2026, budget allocations for ensuring the comprehensive development of rural areas will increase by a total of 26.4 billion rubles to 88.6 billion, and by 11.5 billion to 28.8 billion for the involvement of agricultural land in circulation (water reclamation and other measures ), by 3 billion to 11 billion – to support the export of agricultural and food products, by 3 billion to 9.9 billion – to stimulate demand for the purchase of specialized equipment, including agricultural and construction equipment.

The total costs of stimulating demand for the purchase of domestic cars by certain categories of citizens (families with children, health workers, military) in this three-year period increase by 15 billion rubles to 61 billion, and for the purchase of vehicles by businesses by 21 billion to 31 billion.

Costs for supporting manufacturers of equipment using natural gas as a motor fuel, as amended, increase by 6 billion rubles per year to 16.7 billion, support for projects for the development of design documentation for components for industry – by 9 billion to 15 3 billion, targeted financing of the activities of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Research Institute Cosmonaut Training Center named after Yu.A. Gagarin” – by 5 billion to 12.9 billion.
Additional funds are also allocated for drug provision for patients with cardiovascular diseases, provision of recreation and health improvement for children living in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, expansion of the “Professionality” program, increasing the efficiency of the employment service and other goals.


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