GENERICO.ruCultureAt an auction in England, a copy of the Titanic menu was sold for 84 thousand pounds.

At an auction in England, a copy of the Titanic menu was sold for 84 thousand pounds.

MOSCOW , November 12A copy of the menu from the Titanic was sold at auction for 84 thousand pounds sterling (102.6 thousand US dollars) in the UK, Sky News reported, citing the auction house Henry Aldridge & Son.
Judging by the photograph of the lot on the auction house's website, on board the legendary ship they served Renaissance consommé, creamy asparagus soup, salmon with hollandaise sauce, young fish, Victorian beef tenderloin, pigeons “a la Godard”, young lamb under mint sauce, fried chicken with bread sauce, beef fillet with horseradish sauce, green peas, parsnip puree, boiled rice, Anna potatoes, boiled new potatoes, mallard meat with port wine sauce, salad, Victoria pudding, apricots “Bourdalou”, as well as French ice cream.

The menu shows signs of water damage. It also features the White Star Line logo and the initials OSNC (Ocean Steamship Navigation Company) next to RMS Titanic, which were originally gilded. It is clarified that the copy was discovered in a photo album from the 1960s by the daughter and son-in-law of the late historian Len Stevenson.
The British steamship Titanic, considered the largest passenger ship in the world, hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912 during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York and sank 2 hours and 40 minutes later. About 1.5 thousand people died. The wreckage of the Titanic was discovered in September 1985 approximately 350 nautical miles off the coast of the Canadian island of Newfoundland at a depth of about four kilometers.


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