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Syabitova explained why Batrudinov’s personal life is not going well

MOSCOW, 13 Nov. Matchmaker and TV presenter Roza Syabitova, in an interview with the “Will Show” program, explained why showman Timur Batrutdinov’s personal life is not working out.
In her opinion, it’s all about friendship with Garik Kharlamov.
“”I can tell why he has such problems. If I were his mother, I would categorically forbid him to be friends with Garik Kharlamov, because he is a bad influence. Kharlamov himself got married, has a child, and got divorced, and now he has a fairly active life. What about Timurchik? He needs to stop being friends with him outside of work – and everything will work out,” Syabitova is sure.
The TV presenter also gave advice to Olga Buzova, who has also been unable to meet her second for a long time half.
““Works 24/7! Olenka, my dear, it’s good to travel around Africa, you certainly won’t find a Russian groom there,” Syabitova turned to the singer.
The matchmaker also remembered one of the country’s main heartthrobs, Yegor Creed. She recommended him to get out of the image of the “ex-boyfriend” of Valya Karnaval and Klava Koki and find a simple girl for whom he will be “real”.


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