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Media: Zelensky is trying to call Trump

MOSCOW, November 12. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky wants to get through to former American leader Donald Trump for negotiations, the newspaper writes.

"Trump is now actually in control (through the Republican majority. — Ed. ) House of Representatives of the US Congress, which blocks the allocation of funds to Ukraine. “Bankovaya understands this and therefore is trying to organize a direct conversation between Trump and Zelensky,” the article says.

Earlier, the Ukrainian leader invited the former head of the White House to his country to dispute his long-standing statement that he “ will be able to resolve the conflict in 24 hours.”

According to Newsmax, Trump turned him down, saying that such a trip would be inappropriate at the moment. He added that the United States is losing ground in Ukraine: this can be seen in the coverage of the conflict in the media – it has practically disappeared from the headlines.

Recently, Western media are increasingly writing about the fact that the West is tired of armed confrontation , and support for the Zelensky regime is weakening. Thus, The New York Times drew attention to the fact that Kyiv is experiencing a shortage of ammunition. And although US President Joe Biden promised to support both Ukraine and Israel, the latter may ultimately need weapons, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces are now running out of.


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