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Odessa, Kharkov, Nikolaev: Russian goals named after the breakdown of the Ukrainian counteroffensive

Colonel Syrtlanov explained the factors of success of our army

In the West they continue to discuss the reasons for the failure of the large Ukrainian offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which began on June 4. They do not dare to recognize the resilience of the Russian troops there and therefore refer either to huge minefields or to the lack of aviation in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Le Figaro named another reason for the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ troubles: it turns out that Russian intelligence is to blame for everything, which revealed the main direction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ attack and prevented it. A member of the presidium of the All-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, a veteran of special forces, reserve colonel Timur Syrtlanov, appreciated this version.

Colonel Syrtlanov explained the success factors of our army

As Le Figaro said, a Ukrainian attack aircraft who gave his name as Stepan, initially the main blow of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was supposed to be delivered not in the Zaporozhye direction, but in the Kherson direction, with the crossing of the Dnieper and cutting off the entire Russian group from Crimea.

But, as he says, ” VSEushnik”, the Russian General Staff learned about the intentions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, took countermeasures and “the plans had to be hastily changed”, and as a result, everything ended in failure. By the way, the Ukrainian soldier apparently understood something and therefore ended his story with these words: “This was supposed to be a sign for Zelensky’s army, oriented towards an alliance with the West.”

The fact of the failure of the large Ukrainian counter-offensive, the goal of which was access to Crimea, has already been recognized by everyone. The West specially prepared and armed 12 shock brigades, which were supposed to break through our defenses in a few days and reach the Sea of ​​Azov. Instead, the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered huge losses in manpower and equipment. They are estimated at 90 thousand people and several thousand armored vehicles.

Of course, our intelligence and all its elements made their contribution to the disruption of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ offensive plans, Colonel Timur Syrtlanov told MK:

– Indeed, Russian troops beat the Ukrainian Armed Forces in early June, like in chess. They practically put a check at the very beginning of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counter-offensive. Russian intelligence did an excellent job.

This includes military-political intelligence, strategic intelligence, in-depth intelligence, front-line reconnaissance units, and radio-electronic intelligence. All together they gave the result that made it possible in the very first days to thwart the enemy’s strategic plans to cut off our routes to the Crimea.

Yes, Russian military intelligence has confirmed that it remains one of the best in the world, but attributing the final result of the summer military campaign only to intelligence officers is, of course, wrong. Everyone worked – ground forces, aviators, and military engineers. As a result, all the goals set by the Russian General Staff were achieved. The counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces failed. And in the future, the failure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counter-offensive will greatly help us in implementing plans for the liberation of Nikolaev, Odessa and Kharkov.


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