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Leading couple Moskvina faces stagnation: Olympic champions need to change


Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Gallyamov won the Grand Prix stage in Kazan, leaving no chance for competitors. But the author Sport insists that the leading sports couple Tamara Moskvina needs changes.

Mishina and Gallyamov were more than 21 points ahead of their closest pursuers. In total, they received 236.86 points (81.48 + 158.25) for their performances, surpassing their own world record in the free program. And yet, despite the successful performance, the overall impressions remained mixed.

No one questions the fact that Mishina and Gallyamov are distinguished by their artistry and have impeccable technique. Together, these two factors allow them to beat their opponents even with mistakes, as at the Grand Prix stage in Omsk. There, Alexander broke the triple Salchow, that is, the skaters were actually left without an element. For many couples, this is tantamount to the end of the fight not just for gold, but, in principle, for the top three. But this situation did not prevent Mishina and Gallyamov from taking first place with a margin of 11 points. All this suggests that judges are ready to forgive their mistakes. At the Grand Prix stages for sure. So maybe right now, when Russian athletes are suspended and there is no fight for getting into international tournaments, the time has come to try new elements and atypical images?

On the one hand, as the choreographer of the Eteri Tutberidze group Alexey Zheleznyakov said in an interview, there is no point in changing the “proven scheme”.

“Of course, you can try to convey a completely opposite image, but it’s better to do it first in a demonstration,” he said. “And if this goes well, then next year you can stir up something similar in the main program. But if the coach understands that in “In lyricism, a person is like a fish in water, why change anything. Let it be lyricism for a year, two, three, but it will be effective.”

And it’s hard to disagree with this. But Mishina and Gallyamov are in a slightly different situation. They already had a successful attempt with a program performed to the hits of Elvis Presley. And let's remember how many positive reviews they received. Seeing the excitement among the fans, Gallyamov at the end of the season promised to put on new programs no worse. our pleasure, but so that our fans could say goodbye to it. But it would be boring to skate this program for a second season, the program would lose its appearance, because the movements would become mechanical. We decided that we would stage a new program, but no worse” , – said the skater.

But did it work? In the new season, both programs are classics. For the short, the skaters chose Beethoven's “Ode to Joy”, for the free skate – Rick Wakeman's Love's Dream and the musical “Lisztomania”. For dynamism, a modern arrangement with bright accents is used. But despite the participation in the productions of Irina Zhuk and Alexander Svinin, whose programs are distinguished by interesting finds, there is still no “wow” effect.

Perhaps the situation could be improved by making the content more complex. Last year, skaters tried to perform a triple lutz, but now the emphasis is on pure skating with proven elements. And in this situation, the question arises: why should they study something new if they already get scores above the world record?

It all looks pretty sad. It seems that the audience is already more excited by the parallel triple lutz of Natalia Khabibullina and Ilya Knyazhuk, the quadruple twist of Taisiya Sobinina and Denis Khodykin, and even the imperfectly executed quadruple throw of Alexandra Boykova and Dmitry Kozlovsky on the show. By the way, about them.

It is Boykova and Kozlovsky who are the closest competitors of Mishina and Gallyamov. And now they are in a more advantageous position. At the very least, they definitely cannot be caught in monotony. In one season they skate to romances, in another to chanson in a modern interpretation, and in demonstrations they portray superheroes from Marvel comics. Yes, perhaps not all images suit them one hundred percent. But they experiment and are not afraid to look completely different, and this is attractive, as is the attempt to take risks.

Of course, now athletes who are still Having recently won international competitions, it is incredibly difficult to find motivation. But maybe it's time to stop following the tried and true path and try to find interest in growing and becoming better. And there is confidence that such professionals as Mishina and Gallyamov will definitely succeed.


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