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The State Duma adopted the draft federal budget in the second reading

MOSCOW, November 15. The State Duma adopted in the second reading the draft federal budget for 2024 and the planning period 2025-2026.
328 voted in favor 78 deputies were against, one abstained. The third reading is scheduled for November 17.

According to the project, budget revenues will be:

  • 2024 – 35.065 trillion rubles;
  • 2025 – 33.552 trillion;
  • 2026 – 34.051 trillion.


  • 2024 – 36.66 trillion rubles;
  • 2025 – 34.382 trillion;
  • 2026 – 35.587 trillion.

Thus, over a three-year period, a deficit is expected that will not exceed one percent of GDP: in 2024 it will amount to 0.9 percent of GDP, in 2025 – 0.4 percent of GDP, in 2026 – 0.8.

3.7 trillion, 3.55 trillion and 3.48 trillion rubles are allocated for the development of the pension system, respectively.
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There were 920 amendments to the project, of which deputies accepted 768, and the rest were withdrawn or rejected.
At the same time, legislators supported the redistribution of previously reserved money for certain areas of spending. In general, the amendments redistributed more than six trillion rubles in the open and closed parts of the budget for three years.

"Only on the open part <…> funds have been found for the most necessary expenses in the amount of three trillion 254.3 billion rubles,” said Andrei Makarov, Chairman of the Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes, when presenting the amendments.

He also noted that 96.8 percent of all interbudgetary transfers to the regions were distributed, and called this a good result.

At the same time, Makarov noted that the practice has persisted when new methods and rules for transfers are “submitted for distribution without prior discussion with parliament.”
The draft federal budget also provides for interbudgetary transfers to the Pension and Social Insurance Fund. In 2024 they will amount to 5.425 trillion rubles, in 2025 – 5.288 trillion, in 2026 – 5.416 trillion.
The Federal Compulsory Health Insurance Fund should receive 486.6 billion, 504.3 billion and 526.27 billion rubles accordingly.


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