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HiPhi A: flagship four-door electric supercar with 1,305 hp.

On the eve of the opening of the Guangzhou Motor Show, the young Chinese company Human Horizons presented its fourth and flagship model – the sports electric fastback HiPhi A, which has a futuristic design and supercar dynamics, its production will begin in 2025.

HiPhi is a trademark of Human Horizons, which was founded in 2017 by Chinese entrepreneur Ding Lei (aka David Dean), who has extensive experience in senior positions in the Chinese auto industry (in particular, he was the CEO of SAIC-GM). Human Horizons produces premium electric cars with eccentric designs that make it stand out from other Chinese startups. The first production model of Human Horizons was the large three-row crossover HiPhi X, it entered the Chinese market in 2021, followed by the large fastback HiPhi Z in 2022, new this year was the mid-size crossover HiPhi Y, and the HiPhi A presented today will be launched in production in the first quarter of 2025.

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The HiPhi A is based on the HiPhi Z, but differs from the original fastback (a fastback is a sedan without a clearly defined third volume) with a much more powerful power plant, a developed aerodynamic tail and a more refined forged carbon finish. HiPhi A is aimed at fighting the 1265-horsepower Zeekr 001 FR liftback of the Geely holding, which debuted in early autumn and, you see, it’s hard to deny that HiPhi A looks much more impressive than its main competitor.

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Detailed technical characteristics of the HiPhi A have not yet been made public: at the moment it is known that the maximum total power of its power plant will be 1305 hp, the flagship fastback will be able to accelerate to 100 km/h in 2 seconds, and the maximum speed will be 300 km/h. The HiPhi A electric motors will use carbon fiber rotors and a highly efficient oil cooling system. The battery, packaged in a carbon fiber case, can be charged at a power of 1.5 MW.

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HiPhi A inherits the full-steering chassis with air suspension from the HiPhi Z, but the top model will have its own, sportier settings and lighter construction materials from titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber and nanoceramics.

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The rear doors of the HiPhi A open against the main direction, providing the most convenient process of getting in and out of the second row, where there are two individual seats with a huge supply of free legroom. The dimensions of the HiPhi A have not yet been disclosed, but for reference, let’s say that the overall length of the original HiPhi Z is 5036 mm, width – 2018 mm, height – 1439 mm, wheelbase – 3150 mm. In principle, this model does not have a rear window: the plastic roof goes directly into the trunk lid. More than four thousand LEDs integrated into the body create a real light show around the car with projections of pictures onto the ground.

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How much HiPhi A will cost is anyone's guess. HiPhi Z with a two-engine 672-horsepower power plant now costs in China from 510,000 yuan (6.38 million rubles in translation at the current exchange rate), a four-engine 1265-horsepower Zeekr 001 FR – from 769,000 yuan (9.61 million rubles).


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