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One of the victims in the case of the terrorist attack in which Tatarsky died died

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ST. PETERSBURG, November 15 One of the victims in the case of a terrorist attack in a St. Petersburg cafe, where he was killed, has died Vladlen Tatarsky, the judge announced on Wednesday.
“To announce the testimony of the victims who did not arrive on the list, with the exception of the victim Poliektov, since during the break in the court session information was received that the specified victim had died,” said Judge Timur Zhidkov at an off-site hearing in the First Western District Military Court.

The death of this man became news for Trepova’s lawyer Daniil Berman – as the lawyer told reporters, he was not previously aware of this. “Whether he died or was killed is unknown. Probably, materials about this will go to court, and everything will become clear,” Berman noted. The meeting was adjourned until Friday, November 17.

At the moment, Tatarsky himself (aka Maxim Fomin) is the only one killed in that terrorist attack, according to official data. According to the investigation, Trepova was a member of an organized group created to carry out a terrorist attack, and under a false name and legend she gained the trust of Tatarsky, and on April 2, at a meeting in a cafe, she presented him with a figurine with a built-in bomb.
As a result of the explosion, the military commander died , another 52 participants in the event were injured (the same number of victims in the case). On the same day, Trepova arrived at the apartment of Dmitry Kasintsev, who, knowing about her involvement in the explosion, sheltered the accused until her discovery and detention. He also became a defendant in a criminal case.


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