GENERICO.ruRussiaA court in Moscow sent the first defendant in the case of the attempt on Solovyov to forced treatment

A court in Moscow sent the first defendant in the case of the attempt on Solovyov to forced treatment

2nd Western District Military Court in Moscow sent for compulsory treatment with intensive supervision to 42-year-old Vasily Strizhakov, accused of participating in the assassination attempt on propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. This was reported by a Mediazona correspondent.

In total, in addition to Strizhakov, five neo-Nazis from the NS/WP group are accused in the case of the attempted assassination of the TV presenter: Andrei Pronsky, Timofey Mokiy, Vladimir Stepanov, Vladimir Belyakov and Maxim Druzhinin.

Strizhakov's case is being considered separately. At the meetings on November 13 and 14, defendants in the assassination case and witnesses spoke. They told how they met in a psychiatric hospital, how they acquired weapons, discussed the assassination attempt on Solovyov while drinking alcohol, and followed the TV presenter on his heels. One of the accused compared the propagandist to Goebbels, calling his murder a “good deed.”

All those who spoke in court denied Strizhakov’s participation in the preparation of the murder and the activities of NS/WP and said that he suffered because he came to visit Pronsky, whom the investigation considers the leader of a neo-Nazi group, and allowed one of the accused to stay at his place. Druzhinin said that he first saw Strizhakov at the trial to extend the preventive measure.

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Strizhakov is the oldest of those arrested. As Mediazona reported, back in the 2000s he was registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a “skinhead,” and in 2004 he was sent for compulsory treatment for selling marijuana. In 2010, he again ended up in a psychiatric hospital by court order, this time for the attempted murder of a girl whom he attacked in a stairwell with a knife.

At the meeting on November 15, lawyer Leonid Muratov read out the testimony that Strizhakov gave during the investigation. During interrogation on April 25, 2022, immediately after his arrest, he said that he did not agree with the accusation and noted that he was registered with the PND. Four days later, Strizhakov refused to testify under Article 51. Six months later, during interrogation on December 6, he said that he did not plead guilty, had not committed crimes and had no connection with NS/WP.

Answering the prosecutor’s questions, Strizhakov explained that he often came to Pronsky to drink beer: “It happened, yes, drugs. In everyday life, they remembered the old things, nothing like that.”

According to the prosecution, members of the National Socialism/White Power group, on instructions from the State Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, from the fall of 2021 to the spring of 2022, bought grenades, signal pistols, a sawn-off shotgun, cartridges and an improvised high-explosive explosive device, and of all possible methods of murder chose to blow up the TV presenter's car. The group is also accused of dozens of arson attacks.

The prosecutor's office claims that those accused of the assassination attempt on Solovyov received fake Ukrainian passports. Strizhakov said in court that he did not order such a passport and did not ask anyone to do this. In addition, he said that new subscriptions appeared on his phone, which was seized during the arrest.

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