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“Nigerian Prince” An unusual detail was noticed in Zelensky’s behavior

MOSCOW, November 17 The behavior of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is similar to manipulation of a scammer, writes American Greatness, citing the words of political commentator Tim Young.
“This guy looks like the “Nigerian prince” from the spam mailing. How much military equipment and money have we already given them? It’s like 200 billion? hand it over?” he said on his podcast.

Yang is outraged by the politician's behavior as he continues to demand money for an adventure that the columnist described as a “losing fight.”

Western media are increasingly reporting that the United States and the EU have begun to tire of the Ukrainian conflict, and support for the Zelensky regime is weakening. According to NBC, American and European officials are already discussing with Kiev the possible consequences of peace negotiations with Russia, including the general outlines of what Ukraine may have to give up in order to reach an agreement.
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