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Indian Bharat Forge confirmed plans to supply howitzers to Armenia

YEREVAN, Nov 19 Indian company Bharat Forge has confirmed plans for supplies of MArG 155 self-propelled howitzers to Armenia, reports IDRW (Indian Defense Research Wing). “Bharat Forge, India's leading artillery systems manufacturer, has confirmed that its recently demonstrated MArG 155 self-propelled howitzers are destined for Armenia. This marks an important milestone in India's efforts to export its defense equipment to international partners,” the statement said.
The publication notes that India is becoming a key supplier of defense equipment to Armenia. In particular, it is emphasized that in 2020, Armenia acquired four Swati mobile radar installations from India, and in September 2022, a contract worth $245 million was signed for the purchase of Pinaka multiple launch rocket systems, anti-tank missiles and various ammunition.

In mid-November, the Indian media resource Indian Aerospace Defense News (IADN) reported that Munitions India Limited will supply 150 thousand 30-mm and 40-mm grenade launcher rounds to Armenia. The report noted that two months ago the same company supplied 5 million rounds of 7.62 mm caliber to Armenia.

Also in November, the Indian edition of EurAsian Times reported that Armenia signed a contract with the Indian company Zen Technologies for the supply of an anti-drone system for $41.5 million.


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