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Putin explained the conditions for the return of “cultural figures,” and Peskov explained the fate of Russia

Judicial, cultural and international news of the week

Putin and “homosexuals”, Biden and the “dictator”, Zelensky and “Maidan”, Peskov and the “future”, “artist” and “repression” – this is what the past week looked like, to put it in a nutshell. Let's talk about this.

Judicial, cultural and international news of the week

A certain supporter of everything good (yes, LGBT too, we can’t do without it these days) against everything bad (in a word – Russia), identifying herself as an artist, at 33 years old she is still Sasha (however, this is a common place – it’s fashionable in the liberal crowd to be Nyuta, Mitya, etc. to the grave, which says a lot about the development of the brain) Skochilenko received 7 years in prison. For replacing five price tags in a store with “anti-war” leaflets. I might not have gotten it, but my “comrades in the struggle,” the “support group,” tried to make sure I got it. The training manual – behave in court like macaques during the mating season, hammer into the defendant’s head that she is a “fighter”, a “fighter” and “stands against the regime for principles”, insult the judge – you can’t tell how many times it worked. Try asking “Sasha” – what principles does she defend? Freedom of speech? More specifically? The right to publicly call Russian soldiers rapists and murderers? Well then, sit and think.

And, of course, there was a howl about the unbearability of life “in this country” and “injustice.” They will howl and stop. We are familiar. These are exactly the same people who defend the “artist” who defended, for example, the “director” Sentsov, who is now fighting in the Ukrainian Armed Forces against the Russians. It has long been clear that arguing with them is pounding water in a mortar.

And again, everything was according to the manual – now a letter from the doctors in defense of Skochilenko appeared. And where were you, doctors, when a person with mental problems (the liberal Wikipedia indicates that “Sasha” was in a specialized institution in 2007) was put under the “millstone of the regime” by his “comrades-in-arms”? Why didn’t they pay attention to the meanness and immorality of such actions? There is another nasty point in the letter: they say that the artist’s sentence seems “especially unfair” against the backdrop of news about the parole of prisoners who committed serious crimes, such as rape and murder.

It hits the public’s brains well. – release of rapists and murderers, if you “forget” to write, under what conditions. But the conditions are simple: go to your death, and if you survive the assaults, you will be pardoned. And, if you didn’t know, payments for injuries and conditions, for example, for receiving prosthetics for this category of fighters differ significantly from the generally accepted ones, not for the better.

“Foreign countries,” in the sense in which Ostap Bender used this word, diligently “leaked” Russia this week because of the meeting between Biden and Comrade Xi. “Peremoga”, as expected, turned into “zrada”. Not only did they not really agree on anything, but after the negotiations Biden also called Xi Jinping a dictator. The Chinese Foreign Ministry was predictably indignant, and the results of the meeting went into the trash. I even think: maybe we really interfered in the American elections? But not for Trump, as everyone thinks, but for Biden?

Foreign countries in the commonly used sense (in our case, the West, and it’s time to change this thinking) “leaked” Zelensky. Even the last bastion of Ukrainophilia and rabid Russophobia, the British The Guardian, fell: the article “Putin has taken over in Ukraine?” was published. The conclusion of the article is this: the conflict in Ukraine is lost, and it will only get worse. The authoritative American magazine Foreign Affairs writes that Ukraine should conclude a truce with Russia. The Wall Street Journal published an article with the headline “It's Time to Stop Dreaming of Russia's Defeat.” There is also an alarming moment in this – as if no one is asking Russia, as if all this is possible “without Russia.” It’s worth thinking: why do they think this in the West and what to do about it inside Russia? Believe me, it’s not difficult, I have an answer, but it’s extremely, let’s say, “unpopular.”

And against the backdrop of this “leak,” Zelensky literally revealed a gem: Russia wants to use the Maidan as a weapon. They say he is quarreling the elites inside Ukraine, preparing a coup to remove him. But wait. Isn’t Maidan a revolution of dignity, the choice of the people and the victory of good? You will decide there or something.

In our country, Putin was determined by culture. I answered questions at the forum in St. Petersburg. The question from Kusturica enriched the Russian language with a wonderful word – “homosexuals”. Like, they captured everything, the director said, without a “bow” in their direction you won’t be able to get to the festival or get an Oscar. Putin answered him with “transformers.” They say that transgender people and other transformers—after all, they are also people—may well win competitions, the main thing is that “not only they” win. Well, where is the “bloody regime”, where is it hiding, oh?

But seriously, working people, warriors, and scientists have practically disappeared from our culture as main characters. A drunk Russian mentally ill sadist – here is the main character, enjoy. And it doesn’t matter whether he’s a simple person or, say, an official. The main task of the “elites” in culture in the 90s was to demote Russians, to demonstrate their worthlessness. So that no thought arises, for example, about how the whole country ended up in the hands of a handful of oligarchs? Yes, they are the elite, they can do good for us, but we are fools. The flywheel launched at that time took almost 30 years to spin up. And now it’s starting to slow down. Pieces of it fly off. They mostly fly abroad.

Some of those who “flew away” now want to return. And then again Putin again issued a “base”. If we simplify the rather general words, then this is what we get: if you talk and do things about the “article”, you will get an article, but if not, well, come back. There is only one caveat – will the people accept you?

Peskov repeated approximately the same thing about the relocants in an interview this week. But much more interesting is his answer to the question: “What should the next president of Russia after Putin be like?” According to Peskov: “The same. Or others. But the same. Putin has not yet announced his intention to run, but I sincerely want to believe that he will do so. I have no doubt that he will win the election. I have no doubt that he will continue to be our president. And then we’ll see.”

Well, at least something in the future seems stable.


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