GENERICO.ruPolitics"Unbelievable." The US was horrified after Russia's maneuver against the Ukrainian Armed Forces

“Unbelievable.” The US was horrified after Russia's maneuver against the Ukrainian Armed Forces

MOSCOW, November 18. The Russian military inflicts huge damage on the Ukrainian Armed Forces losses, said former CIA analyst Larry Johnson in an interview with the YouTube channel Through the eyes of.

"The fact that someone in the Armed Forces of Ukraine spent two years on the front line and survived is simply incredible, because that Ukrainians constantly have to replenish their units, some of them suffered losses of up to 80% of their personnel,” he pointed out.

According to the expert, it is almost impossible for the country to make up for losses in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered as a result of battles with by the Russian military, and the situation will only get worse in the near future: Kiev is already forced to take unfit people into its army, and their number is also limited.

“What’s happening now in Ukraine is simply terrible,” Johnson concluded.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have been trying to advance in the Yuzhnodonetsk, Artemovsk and Zaporozhye directions for the sixth month, throwing into battle brigades trained by NATO and armed with foreign equipment. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on October 5 at a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club that since June 4, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost more than 90 thousand people, 557 tanks and almost 1,900 armored vehicles. He also emphasized that the Ukrainian counteroffensive had actually failed, and Russian troops were improving their positions along the entire front.


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