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Kissinger's final warning before his death

Kissinger's last warning before his death was announced

The legendary diplomat Henry Kissinger, to the last days considered the most influential person on the world stage, died on Wednesday at the age of 100. This was reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail on November 30.

The giant of foreign policy during the times of Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, before his death, in an interview with the German television channel Welt TV on October 11, reported that Because of Israel's war with Hamas, he is concerned about the endangered international order, since this war could involve the entire Arab world in hostilities.

“The Middle East conflict has an increased risk of escalation,” — Kissinger said. And he added that many European cities, such as Berlin, allow pro-Palestinian rallies. In his opinion, this means that Germany has allowed too many foreigners into the country. 

«It was a serious mistake to allow so many people of completely different cultures, religions and concepts here, because it creates a pressure group within every country that does this,” — complained a Jewish refugee of German origin.

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