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Poklonskaya spoke about the cause of the Maidan tragedy in Ukraine

SIMFEROPOL, December 1 Advisor to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, ex-State Duma deputy from the Crimean region Natalya Poklonskaya stated on her page on the social network VKontakte that one of the reasons for the tragedy of the Maidan, staged ten years ago in Kyiv, was deception.
Ten years ago, on November 21, 2013, the main Kiev square – Maidan Nezalezhnosti – was occupied by supporters of European integration, immediately after the government announced the suspension of the signing of the association with the EU. The first mass clashes in Kyiv and the seizure of administrative buildings by radicals occurred on December 1. Later, the Maidan became the epicenter of the confrontation between security forces and radicals; clashes resulted in dozens of casualties.

“While the grass is growing, the horse will die of hunger” is an old English proverb, the meaning of which is: you should not rely on empty promises. It conveys well the mood of Ukraine in 2013. One of the reasons for the tragedy that happened ten years ago in Kyiv is deception. On the morning of December 1, 2013, Ukraine was plunged into another fatal stage of deception and moved from empty promises of power to grandiose manipulation of people’s consciousness,” Poklonskaya wrote.

According to her, living in deception is much easier and easier than the inconvenient truth.
“For example, if a violent overthrow of power and riots with human casualties lead to the result someone wants, then it should not be called a “coup d’etat,” but “democratic elections” or a “revolution of dignity.” Unfortunately, there are very many such examples there are many today, and they are everywhere – not only in Ukraine,” Poklonskaya emphasized.
According to her, after 2014, Ukrainians had to choose between two concepts – “coup d’etat” or “revolution of dignity.”
“Whoever chose the first, like me, found himself among the “traitors” (“Russian agents”, “Kremlin spies”, “vatniks”, “separatists”, etc.). Whoever chose the second (like Zelensky) – turned out to be a “patriot” (“correct Ukrainian”). That’s how they very simply divided Ukraine into two camps, and then it was even more terrible – easily letting hatred for each other into their hearts, a tragedy has unfolded today, you can’t imagine anything worse,” Poklonskaya noted.
According to her, what is worse than nuclear weapons is what makes their use possible – hatred. “Hatred of one group of people for another. Hatred is deception, a tool for manipulation, and you must always remember this so as not to be deceived again,” Poklonskaya emphasized.


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