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MAI will develop a program for calculating the wear of satellites in low orbit

MOSCOW, December 5 Students of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) are busy developing a mathematical model of factors affecting satellites in low Earth orbits, with the help of which it would be possible to calculate which parts will wear out the most, the university press service reported.
“”The project… involves the creation of the most reliable model, which comprehensively takes into account all the factors affecting the device… the mathematical model will help to find out where the skin of satellites wears out the most under the influence of the environment,” the message says.
It is noted that while moving in low Earth orbit, the aircraft is exposed to atomic oxygen, which causes atomic corrosion, leading to the destruction of the skin surface. The mathematical model will show exactly how the flow is distributed along the casing, and where the device needs additional protection.

As the developer, fourth-year student Anastasia Shevko, explained, a mathematical model is necessary, since for processes occurring in space, it is almost impossible to conduct a full-scale experiment on Earth.

“When modeling, many parameters must be taken into account: molecular-atomic, temperature, physicochemical processes, ionization. It is difficult to reliably describe such a medium, so scientists use various approximations. For example, existing models can accurately calculate temperature processes, but have a large error in molecular calculations “, she clarified.
According to her, the initial calculation showed that using this model it is possible to obtain results of temperature, atomic oxygen distribution density and free-flow velocity. There are currently no models with similar functionality, Shevko emphasized.
As noted in the press service, the finished model can be used in design bureaus to determine the optimal layout of new devices. It will also help to find flight modes in which the negative impact of the environment is minimal, and effective methods of protecting elements subject to the greatest loads.


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