GENERICO.ruCulture“Have you changed your shoes?”: Loboda began to sing in Russian again

“Have you changed your shoes?”: Loboda began to sing in Russian again

MOSCOW, December 6 Singer Svetlana Loboda posted a fragment of a new song in Russian on her Instagram page*.

"There is a snowstorm outside the window, and you can’t believe that things aren’t going well for us…” — the performer signed the post with words from the track.

The publication immediately received hundreds of negative comments, since the artist had previously stated that she would not sing in Russian, and translated some of the compositions into Ukrainian.
“”I thought she had already forgotten Russian and doesn’t speak it”; “Has Svetlana already changed her shoes? Apparently she wants to get to the Song of the Year. I’m thinking – the latest posts are all in Russian”; “The music didn’t play for long, the language didn’t rejoice for long…”; “I realized that things were bad, and I remembered the Russian language”; “Your songs sound better in Russian, no matter how you look at it,” followers wrote under the post.
After the start of the special operation, Loboda flew from Russia abroad. She sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine, performed in Europe and the USA, and lived in Latvia.

In April last year, she was banned from entering Russia for 50 years.
* The activities of Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) are banned in Russia as extremist.


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