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Turchak called the level of security in Russia the merit of Putin

MOSCOW, December 5 Current security level, public order in Russia is the merit of President Vladimir Putin, said Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrei Turchak.
“Equally important for people is the feeling of their own security. The current level of security, public order in the country is his (President Putin's) merit,” Turchak said at the discussion platform “I Believe in Russia”, which United Russia holds on the eve of the congress .

He recalled the 1990s, when there was “poverty, unemployment, unbridled price increases, criminal showdowns in the streets.” “Most people did not know how to dress and put shoes on their children, feed their family. The main task was simply to survive. And then Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin came. He took over the leadership of the country. Stabilized the economy, inflation, unemployment. Paid off external debts. Introduced maternity capital and others family support measures,” Turchak noted.

According to him, in 20 years the country has made a breakthrough in creating conditions for people to live. Today, Turchak is convinced, people realize that they can find work and feed their families. “Under Vladimir Putin, a whole generation has grown up that does not know that it could be different,” he added.
In addition, Turchak emphasized that even a record number of sanctions did not slow down Russia, and by the end of this year, decent economic growth is expected.


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