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The National Union of Poultry Farmers spoke about the situation with egg prices

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MOSCOW, December 8Large poultry farms, which provide up to 90% of all supplies of chicken eggs in retail Russia, still keep selling prices at the level of the beginning of the year, as they interact with retail chains on the basis of long-term contracts, the general director of the National Union of Poultry Farmers Sergey Lakhtyukhov.
The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov previously instructed prosecutors of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, in cooperation with antimonopoly and other authorized bodies, to “carry out supervisory inspections of the activities of producers of chicken eggs and retailers of these goods.”

Lakhtyukhov said that large companies – leaders in the egg sector, “for which the Prosecutor General’s Office may have questions,” interact with retail chains within the framework of the mechanism of long-term contracts: since the terms of the contract cannot be revised, the selling prices of such producers in the chain are “approximately at the level beginning of the year”, and at the same time they provide about 80-90% of supplies.

“And the rest of the volumes that the networks obtain for themselves, they purchase through tenders, at auctions,” Lakhtyukhov clarified, drawing attention to the importance of the Prosecutor General’s Office understanding such a mechanism.
In fact, “manufacturers have always been in a price plateau,” so it is important “that all claims do not fall on them in the end,” he added.
“First of all, it is necessary for the Prosecutor General's Office to understand what mechanisms we have for implementing interaction with retail chains, and so that those socially oriented enterprises that have all this time built their sales within the framework of long-term contracts do not suffer from these checks, and not earned extra,” Lakhtyukhov emphasized.


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